July 10, 2024

Save Money on Moving Home Appliances out of the UAE with the Transfer of Residency Facility

Are you an expat in the UAE getting ready to head back home? You might be worried about the cost of shipping your belongings, especially larger items like appliances. But there’s good news! The UAE offers a little-known benefit for expats called the Transfer of Residency (TR) Facility.

This program allows expats to ship household goods, including appliances, duty-free under certain conditions.

That means you can save a significant amount of money on your relocation costs.

Here’s what you need to know about using the TR Facility:

It’s Not Just for Permanent Departures:

A common misconception about the TR Facility is that it’s only for expats leaving the UAE permanently. Not true! Even if you’re just on a long vacation and want to ship some appliances back home, you can take advantage of this program.

Duty-Free Limits Based on Residency Length:

The value of appliances you can ship duty-free depends on how long you’ve been living in the UAE:

    1 Year Residency: Up to ₹2 lakhs (Indian Rupees) worth of appliances can be shipped duty-free.

    2 Year Residency: The limit increases to ₹5 lakhs, which can easily cover most used furniture and appliances from a small apartment.

Finding the Right Shipping Company:

Now that you know about the TR Facility, it’s important to choose a reliable shipping company experienced in handling customs clearance for TR shipments. Look for a company with a strong reputation for speed, reliability, and safety.

Consider EC Cargo for Your Move:

EC Cargo in the UAE is a highly recommended option for expats using the TR Facility. They offer a complete service, taking care of everything from packing your belongings to ensuring smooth customs clearance and delivery directly to your doorstep in India. Plus, they guarantee same-day delivery after customs are cleared!

Ready to Save on Moving Costs?

If you’re an expat in the UAE planning to move some appliances back home, the TR Facility can be a huge money saver.  Contact a reputable shipping company like EC Cargo (toll-free: 800 16 18) to discuss your needs and ensure a smooth, cost-effective relocation.

March 3, 2024

Celebrate Ramadan with EC Cargo’s Special Shipping Offers!

Ramadan is a time for family, reflection, and sharing blessings. This year, EC Cargo wants to make sending gifts and care packages to your loved ones in India, especially Kerala, easier and more affordable than ever.

We understand the importance of staying connected with family during Ramadan, even if miles apart. That’s why we’re offering exclusive Ramadan cargo deals to help you send your heartfelt wishes across the globe.

Unwrap Exceptional Savings on Cargo Shipments to India

At EC Cargo, we specialize in providing reliable and efficient cargo services, ensuring your shipments reach their destinations in India promptly and securely. This Ramadan, take advantage of our special offers:

    Reduced Rates: Enjoy significant discounts on cargo shipping to India throughout the holy month. Send gifts, traditional Ramadan treats, clothing, or other essentials to your family in Kerala at a fraction of the usual cost.
    Fast and Secure Deliveries: We prioritize the timely delivery of your cargo. Our express shipping options guarantee your packages arrive in Kerala well before Eid al-Fitr, allowing your loved ones to celebrate with joy.
    Hassle-Free Shipping Experience: Our streamlined process takes the stress out of international shipping. We handle everything, from pick-up at your doorstep to secure delivery in Kerala, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination smoothly.

More Than Just Ramadan Cargo Offers: Benefits of Choosing EC Cargo

We go beyond just offering Ramadan cargo deals! When you choose EC Cargo, you benefit from our comprehensive range of services:

    Air Cargo and Sea Cargo Options: We cater to your specific needs, offering both air cargo for urgent deliveries and sea cargo for cost-effective transportation of larger items.
    Extensive Network: Our vast network across India, particularly in Kerala, ensures efficient delivery throughout the country.
    Real-Time Tracking: Keep track of your shipment’s progress with our user-friendly 24/7 tracking system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Ramadan gifts are on their way.
    Expert Customer Support: Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the shipping process every step of the way.

Celebrate the Spirit of Ramadan with EC Cargo

This Ramadan, let EC Cargo be your trusted partner in delivering love and blessings to your family in India. With our special Ramadan cargo offers, sending gifts and well wishes has never been easier or more affordable.

Contact EC Cargo today to learn more about our Ramadan cargo deals and get a free quote!

Call : 8001618 (Toll-Free)

Don’t wait –  make this Ramadan truly special for your loved ones in India. Choose EC Cargo!
August 2, 2023


When you want to send a gift to loved one in Kerala, choosing the best courier service really important.

The first step is finding the right courier service who can handle your parcel carefully.

A trustable courier service can ensure that your things are delivered in time and in perfect condition.

When it comes to reliable courier services from UAE to Kerala, EC CARGO is the best option to consider.

Whether it is Express courier or normal courier, EC Cargo can handle the shipment in most professional and affordable way.

We provide Door to door courier service to Kerala which can simplify your courier experience at the best.

For customers who sending courier from abroad, International Courier services are really important.

We provide Global presence, safest packing solutions, best customs and clearance handling for a smoother experience.

EC Cargo also provides affordable courier solutions without compromise in quality and service.

Understanding the pricing and structure  before finalizing a courier service is also important. So, find the perfect courier solution for your requirement and send valuable gifts and  documents to Gods own country..!
December 14, 2022

Tracking Importance in Cargo

As an independent freight forwarder, you should consider providing shipment tracking solutions for your clients, and cargo tracking is important for the success of your logistics business. This is mainly because its impact on consumer service is huge. Offering quality products is essential in e-commerce. However, there has been a shift in consumer preferences over the past few years. Twenty-four percent of online shoppers say that certain factors that influence the customer experience, from customer service to shipping and delivery, are likely to make repeated purchases from a brand that offers shipment tracking. Providing export tracking is a way to remain competitive for retailers within the e-commerce industry. The importance of shipment trekking is explored, which includes practical ways of implementing it and the best implications for improving cargo tracking usability.

Importance of Shipment Tracking

E-commerce is making customers more demanding; they need a better overall buying experience apart from having plenty of options at their fingertips. Shipment tracking is an effective way to build trust with customers and open communication lines. It involves communicating the order status of each step in the shipping process. 

Order tracking varies from retailer to customer. This includes real-time tracking, estimated delivery dates, and updates on order status. Order tracking is critical in maintaining transparency with customers. However, the benefits of this feature go far beyond communication. If you are sending your cargo to Pakistan from UAE, you might be not aware how to know where the cargo reached, the tracking assistance always finds a great fruitful experience.

Choosing to use shipment tracking software is a cost, so software prices depend on the scale of e-commerce activity. But it looks well worth it as it allows retailers a full view of the state of their exports. Similarly, a brand that can provide a great customer experience is about gaining the customer’s loyalty. 

Shipment tracking plays a role in improving the customer experience. It also gives order tracking to customers, shipping delays are one of the most common reasons for customer complaints, and shipment tracking can reduce the incidence of delayed shipments. Due to the high transparency of the shipment tracking software, retailers will be able to collaborate with carriers and warehousing personnel.

The best examples of shipment tracking

Offering shipment tracking is an important thing, and it’s another thing that provides shipment tracking that customer’s use. Let’s take a look at the steps that can help improve a buyer’s online shipment tracking experience. Tracking numbers are to be provided for each shipment order and tracking numbers are an important code in the order tracking machine. They are a unique set of unique numbers assigned to a given order. 

The customer will be allowed to track orders on the website. There are several ways in which customers can see the status of their orders. But everything is very convenient. The feature will be available on the website to make the order-tracking process easier for shoppers. 

Similarly, tracking should be very visible. Package trekking affects customer satisfaction. Setting up your website with this feature as a retailer is an added but valuable cost. Shipping tracking updates should be as visible as possible to make the most of the investment. For a customer, the estimated delivery date is also the most crucial part of order tracking.

December 14, 2022

Importance of Digital Support for Cargo Services

The exploration of the digital age in the field of cargo services has gained a lot of popularity and this is contributing to the growth of the cargo sector. The cargo industry had been struggling for decades without technological evolution, but with the advent of technology, the difficulties faced by it got some relief and it started to conquer the heights of growth. There was no incentive at the time for intermediaries like commodity forwarders to invest in technology as transparency in pricing and real-time availability of data sounded the death knell. 

Similarly, cargo services were never a priority for airlines and carriers to invest in user experience due to the industry’s inherent B2B nature. But over the past few years, the air cargo industry has become a roller coaster, thanks to the sudden boom in cargo technology by start-ups, which have threatened to democratise pricing and real-time availability of information.

Achieving excellence through the use of technology

The cargo industry has long been sluggish due to a lack of genuine digital integration, a situation that prevents participants from effective cooperation and relies on manual processes. But the advent of new technologies has improved its condition and has been able to achieve large-scale growth. 

The cargo service initiative aims to guide the industry in the development of advanced technologies, smooth processes, and global standards in collaboration with the supply chain and address, define and guide the challenges that come with it. The vision of the cargo service to India is to achieve a fully digitally connected and integrated cargo supply chain. Data sharing will be completely digital as a result of technology in the cargo sector. 

All stakeholders are also provided with visibility in exports as well as data availability and quality are critical for achieving operational excellence and smart automation. Services have been user-oriented and customer experience has become a critical part of companies’ strategies. Similarly, companies should offer high-value services, take advantage of the use of data and separate themselves from the competition with a unique value proposition.

The cargo value chain and the need for digital technologies

The cargo ecosystem is fragmented and complex, and its value chain involves many stakeholders. Shippers, couriers, customs, freight forwarders, integrators, airlines, and end customers are all partners in a cargo chain. But digitization serves as a great opportunity to improve communication and collaboration within this complex value chain. Therefore, its cost is efficient, and service is driven by excellence. 

It is clear that if a business continues as the traditional games in the cargo industry are the usual approach, it will continue to lose competitiveness and value in the ecosystem. Cargo services will be providers of convenience to their customers in a 360-degree shift from just providers to propositioning their value. The digital transformation roadmap for players in the air cargo industry varies widely depending on their location in the value chain. All stakeholders in the air cargo industry should adopt a common goal, utilising technology to re-reinforce the competitiveness of air cargo in other modes of freight transportation, all of which have become more advanced in their digital transformation.

December 14, 2022

Cargo companies makes your time valuable

A cargo service performs all kinds of courier work for their customers and clients. It provides transportation of any kind of goods, including clothing and any other legal goods. Cargo services use all modes of transportation i.e., sea, land, and air routes to achieve these tasks. So, a well-known cargo service is essentially a large and complex service provider. It boasts a large array of vehicles, staff, warehouses, machines, equipment, and digital networks. These types of cargo services deal with the handling of airway bills, lading bills, managing cargo assembly locations, etc., on behalf of customers, such as the interpersonal relationship with the consignment or recipients and cargo agents.

Cargo Company’s Services with a trusted partner make everything reliable

A decent cargo service like EC Cargo performs all the necessary tasks by the instructions received from the customers between taking the goods, messages, parcels, or baggage from the customers and delivering them to the respective recipients. For the cargo company transportation is much more than moving freight from A to B, outsourcing a portion of your business management in each transport. So, its delivery reliability and effectiveness have always remained first. But cargo companies also offer additional services as a range to benefit you. 

No one will be satisfied with the entire service transportation, including managing customs formalities, to reduce your logistics costs. Your brand profile will always increase by striving to make your cargo business as eco-friendly as possible. 

As a result, existing customers have a much deeper respect for you and thereby attract new potential customers. It’s also a win-win for the environment and your business. Similarly, instead of investing in a fleet of your vehicles to handle delivery requirements, you entrust it to a third party, causing your business to expand to more areas.

Meet the professional team of experts

Qualified cargo agents should be appointed to carry out the majority of the documentary work of exports, imports, and transportation, which in fact will schedule the departure and entry of goods and transport them to airports, ports, or any other destinations, local or international locations on behalf of customers. 

Compliance, communication with clients, airlines, shipping lines, and the best price for their clients from the public, or private partners, spaceA2A. You can handle customs clearance procedures for clients well, both locally and internationally, by improving the negotiations to accept the s and other requirements. Therefore, popular cargo services should be very experienced in handling services such as A2A, A2D, and AD. 

Procedures for carrying live animals on board, dangerous goods, backlog instances, additional baggage, and adultized cargoes must be handled effectively, as well as a cargo service to be better understood in the context of bonded goods to enter into blocked space contracts with airlines, along with many other critical and complex situations in the field of air cargo service. 

Having a bunch of vehicles may cost you extra, but you don’t have to worry about anything by outsourcing your delivery requirements. Skilled cargo services shipping on behalf of their customer’s results in getting all the risk insurance for all goods. Save your time by hiring the best cargo partner and find a hassle-free cargo services to all over.

December 14, 2022

Benefits of Approaching Cargo Services to Europe with professional cargo providers

Easy cargo services to Europe Have you ever been looking for the best cargo services available from Dubai to Europe? This is partly due to the increase in freight traffic as the continuous improvement of the European economy has always been noted. The movement of goods to Europe is an indispensable part of the economy. Often acts as a full-scale supply chain solution service provider with an intermediary between the distributor and the recipient. 

The fastest and easiest sea and air transport routes to Europe are available through Dubai and other countries. One of the main tasks of international freight forwarding is the need for high-quality logistics services. This always increases the expectations and needs of customers and makes European logistics in mind. However, EC Cargo presence makes you more amazing experience.

Get hassle-free services on the way to Europe with professional service

Cargo services to Europe are travelling in a very extensive manner through means such as sea and air transport, and European countries have good relations with most of the countries in the world by conducting international cargo services, whether commercial or domestic. 

Cargo services are provided globally by licensed goods, which are far ahead in sending goods to European cities. Freight movements to European countries that are surprised at the opportunity to find real-time tracking are very extensive. It is available through sea freight, air freight, or any other means, and European countries can find 100% certainty in this type of cargo movement. In addition, packing and relocation to Europe, door-to-door cargo service to Europe, sea cargo to Europe, LCL cargo to Europe, furniture shipping, commercial export, personal baggage, etc. are all very fast services. All of these get the best services on sea and air freight services with a quick call. Services from Dubai are available to all European countries from the cargo service firm. Cargo services are available from different parts of the world to European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.

Coverage of large consignments to Europe

The majority of the goods transported from one European country to another are always on the rise, and mobility and international trade stimulate this increasing process. At a particular moment, it may be found that the resources of the massive commodity bulk logistics companies are depleted, although freight forwarders are constantly coordinating their operations to meet all delivery orders regardless of the increase in bulk orders to Europe. Delays in freight acceptance for the transportation of companies from the commercial chain of goods, the use of unnecessary means of transportation, as well as delays in export deliveries can be avoided. 

Companies from the European chain for transportation are dealing with the latest challenges in the industry, increasing the number and types of goods with the increase of goods in European countries. This provokes the need for the preparation of safe resources to establish full good processing for delivery. Flexibility within delivery networks that secure the supply of goods for the right response to consumer demand is also very important. Greater security, better freight charges, paperwork, storage facility, other interconnected services such as loading and packing, and timely delivery of goods make each cargo service better.