May 16, 2024
Many expats (people who work and live in another country) think the government does not provide any benefits to them and charges for everything.
But there are some special deals for them!

One of them is known as the Transfer of Residency(TR) Facility.
This allows expats ship home appliances without paying taxes which is duty-free.

Here is the thing many people get confused: You don’t have to leave UAE forever to use Transfer of Residency(TR) Facility.
Even if you’re just on a vacation, you can use it!

Lets see how it works:

Have you been in the UAE for 1 year?
You can ship appliances which is worth up to 2 lakhs INR duty-free.

Have you been in the UAE for 2 years?
The limit goes up to INR 5 lakhs.
Even most furnitures from a small flat or apartment would be under this limit, because of used stuff is considered worthless.

Finding a shipping company:

Once you know about Transfer of Residency(TR) Facility, you need a good shipping company. They should be experienced and handle customs stuff easily.EC Cargo in the UAE has a great reputation for speed, reliability, and safety. They take care of everything, from packing your things to getting them delivered at your home in India. They even guarantee same-day delivery after customs clearance!

For moere details,Call : 800 16 18 (Toll-Free)

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